Educated rational literate carbon-based bipedal omnivore. Powered entirely by caffeine, bacon, irreverent humour & positive psychology. Journeyman on the road of Life and always seeking to challenge myself with new and interesting ideas.

Western Sydney, Australia.

Original career was in Electrical and Electronics trades; Computer and Electronics Engineer and Manufacturing Technology (wood, metal, glass, plastics, etc.). Also spent a lot of time in Electronics Sales and Service.

Got bored and tried some other jobs: Driving the Lightrail in Sydney during the 2000 Olympics, Security Guarding and Body-guarding, Employment Services and Not-For-Profit Community Support.

Was informed by colleges while working for NFP companies that I was good with the whole ‘community support’ gig and they encouraged me to attend university.

So at the ripe-old age of 35 years I went to University to obtain my Bachelor of Psychology (4yrs) and have been working in Out of Home Care, Therapeutic and Disability Services ever since.

To mix things up a little I also completed a Master of Counselling in 2020 while working full time as a Senior Therapeutic Specialist.

I still enjoy keeping my skills up in Electronics and Engineering, and thats probably the reason for this website to be honest; a repository of ideas and projects. Who knows, someone may get some benefit out of it, but its mainly here for some fun and enjoyment, maybe a little interaction with people interested in the same things?

Enjoy the projects, send me a message.

Note: Comments on this website are my own and in no way have association with those I have worked with in the past, or with whom I currently work. Don’t even try to ‘cancel’ me if you don’t like something I have said, as I don’t give a red-hot $h!t about that scene and your inability to manage your emotional regulation is not my responsibility.

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