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Played around with some other systems to create / automate website stuff, ended up coming back to using WordPress and was actually surprised; using WordPress again, exploring and have some new ideas for the use of the website.


Well, time for a website change and actually update the notebook. Of course Life sometimes becomes distracting and in my case I have had a few ‘runs of bad luck’ so it seems and they happened to take time to recover from, so I am seeing the new website as a type of reboot.

Hugo and Jekyll I have returned to WordPress for not much other reason than I was feeling lazy and I couldn’t quite find the right replacement for the ‘construction’ of the website. I had researched Hugo and Jekyll and after fighting with them (a) as directly installed onto my Fedora Linux machine and, (b) as a docker container along with a NginX server, it was just too much tweaking and fussing to get sorted. So here I am again, with WordPress.

On a positive note, one of the ways of publishing websites through Hugo was using RStudio and BlogDown; ‘R‘ being a programming language designed for Data Science and the RStudio the environment to do that programming and associated LaTeX (pronounced: Lah-Tek) programming (publishing) of the papers you’re using the data for. It can be used for much more and through BlogDown would help create and serve the Huge website pages.

Since discovering RStudio, I have also discovered LaTeX and its usefulness in standardising the professional publishing process and have been spending quite a bit of time discovering Markdown and writing, as well as creating some of my own templates for projects I am currently working on or completing. But that’s a whole post for itself.

I have been quite surprised how far WordPress has come since I last used it and nice to experience some of the old ‘plug-ins’ becoming some of the features of the program and making publishing simpler. Also nice to see that the user experience has improved and someone who doesn’t know programming can add, change and adapt the site they have in many ways without having to wrestle with HTML, CSS and PHP. I can remember the ‘bad old days’ when you were required to understand (and follow instructions) about how to ‘program’ the PHP for the Plug-in to allow it to work!?

I have some upcoming projects I am working on and I will probably write ‘build diary pages’ in the blog to document (because people know of the projects and wish to follow and maybe learn from me, I don’t know why). If you’ve come this far thanks for reading and I hope to see you back here again some time.

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