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Welcome to the new Notebook

There has been a “re-birthing” of my online notebook (for want of a better phrase) and it has begun; there have been a few changes to my life, my ideas and what I wish to do with my words.  The direction has changed a little, perhaps more focussed, and I am hoping this “fresh start” (maybe that’s the term I was originally looking for?) will help me tease out some of these ideas in the form of Words On A Page, as opposed to Thoughts In A Head.

At the same time, I am currently looking into creating an Audio Podcast 1 to see if the written or verbal re-boot will be the best, or indeed a complementary, media.

The site will be minimal and text focussed, if you want pictures you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter (as these shall remain public, for the moment), and in essence be a scratch-pad for ideas and essays, thoughts and ideas.  Some previous readers/subscribers have been waiting a while for me to return to this site, however I feel they may be disappointed in the return as they will not be seeing or reading the same things 2.

Anyway, by way of an introduction; this is the first post on the online notebook.  I look forward to your feedback.

  1. which I will host on this website as well, after seeing friends become disillusioned by SoundCloud and YouTube
  2. I apologise for that, as I have enjoyed out chats and hope they continue

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